The equipment consists almost exclusively of CNC machines and is constantly upgraded.

It includes:

  • NAKAMURA-TOME and BIGLIA CNC bar lathes for diameters up to 71 mm, with 2 spindles with C axis, 2 motor-driven tool turrets, Y axis and B axis for off-center works and inclined surfaces.
  • BIGLIA lathes for flanges and shafts with up to 600 mm diameter and up to 1200 mm long with C axis, Y axis, motor-driven tool turret, CNC steady rest and tailstock.
  • MATSUURA vertical machining centers with pallet changer and 800 x 500 x 600 mm work area.
  • Titanium DGC3445

  • Steel Cast Iron dgc0271

  • Aluminium dgc0240

  • Maraging DGC3452

  • Plastic materials dgc3449

  • Ni-Cr alloys dgc3455

  • Copper alloys dgc0257

  • Stainless Steel dgc0248

  • Copper alloys dgc0264

  • Maraging DGC3450

  • Ni-Cr alloys dgc3456

  • Plastic materials dgc3447