• Machine shop Temponi e Gatta
  • A total area of 3000 sqm, 1500 of which are covered
  • Established in the early 60s in Brescia

Established in the early 60s in Brescia, the machine shop Temponi e Gatta made its name in the field of precision machining becoming a leading enterprise.

The factory covers a total area of 3000 sqm, 1500 of which are covered.

The wide range of CNC machine tools allows it performing machining works on small and medium-sized components according to customer drawings and/or specifications with timely responses to any requests.

The simple but very efficient company organization, characterized by typical craft flexibility, guarantees on-time deliveries and process repeatability.

Today the founding members are supported by their sons and together work in view of ongoing growth and technological innovation. With the passion and experience gained over time, their primary target is to help customers with their project engineering, in order to optimize the cost and make products reliable.

  • Maraging DGC3452

  • Steel Cast Iron dgc0273

  • Maraging DGC3450

  • Ni-Cr alloys dgc3455

  • Stainless Steel dgc0248

  • Plastic materials dgc3449

  • Copper alloys dgc3446

  • Stainless Steel dgc0260

  • Stainless Steel P4160351

  • Steel Cast Iron dgc0236

  • Plastic materials dgc3447

  • Copper alloys dgc0264