The machine shop Temponi e Gatta can produce turned, milled and ground complex mechanical parts, complete with heat and surface treatments.

The company specializes in the machining of materials that are difficult to machine (TI alloys, Ni-Cr, Ni-Cr-Co, Ni-Mo-Cr, AISI630 and maraging alloys are only some examples) and other metallic (alloy and unalloyed steel, stainless steel, Cu-Zn, Cu-Sn, Cu-Al, Cu-Ni, Cu-Be alloys, aluminium alloys, etc.) and plastic (PVC, POM, PP, TEFLON, DELRIN, ADIPRENE, etc.) materials.

Special machining (grinding, gear cutting, etc.), as well as heat and surface treatments that the company cannot perform are sub-contracted to qualified suppliers under the same quality standards, which are guaranteed by incoming goods inspection and internal/external audits.

The optimization of process control, the attention to production planning, the use of advanced CAD/CAM, the continuous investment in technologically advanced machines allow Temponi e Gatta to play the role of prime contractor for complex parts requiring high machining accuracy and product reliability.

  • Maraging DGC3450

  • Maraging DGC3452

  • Titanium DGC3454

  • Ni-Cr alloys dgc3439

  • Steel Cast Iron dgc0271

  • Copper alloys dgc0264

  • Aluminium dgc0240

  • Titanium DGC3453

  • Titanium DGC3445

  • Ni-Cr alloys dgc3456

  • Steel Cast Iron dgc0236

  • Stainless Steel dgc0260